Extending a helping hand brings change

Community outreach is an important part of any university. And in recent months, Florida A&M University has made a concerted effort to make sure the organizations on this campus realize that.

In January, President James Ammons announced the school would join the fight to combat the rising infant mortality rate that has plagued the Tallahassee area. Soon after this declaration, organizations like Project Force and FAMUnity added to the community outreach efforts by offering to bridge a gap between FAMU and the surrounding area. Even the FAMU Association for Black Journalists has developed a mentor program for neighboring FAMU DRS.

Tallahassee is a relatively small community, and FAMU is a major part of its social landscape.

By becoming an active member of the community and extending an effort to make Tallahassee better, the University is proving that it is in fact capable of having a positive impact on more than just its own faculty and students.

The school should not only continue its current efforts but extend them.

More programs can be developed to cater to young students. By aiming to reach this demographic, we can create an infrastructure to build on for years to come.

Community involvement is more than just a good public relations maneuver. It is an opportunity for enrichment for both parties involved.

Akeem Anderson for the Editorial Board.