Clubs beg Senate for more money

In the 2nd session of the 37th Student Senate held Monday evening, three campus organizations requested activities and services funds and announcements were made during community forum.  The Senate also announced a few upcoming events it will be hosting.

During the community forum session of the meeting, Dallas Gibson, president of the Student Cultural Development, went before the Senate to not only request funds, but to also ask if a senator would make a motion to speed up the A&S funding process so the club could pay to bring in a guest speaker for an upcoming program.

Gibson, a sophomore economics student from Northern Virginia, said he understood there is a procedure in order to receive A&S funding, however he would like for the process to be sped up. He said for every day he waits to book a flight and hotel for the speaker, the higher the cost to bring the speaker to the University.

Gibson also informed the senators that the former president and vice president of student cultural development left their positions during the beginning of the fall semester and the treasurer has left the club’s finances in such a mess that the club does not have much funding.

The keeper of finances for the FAMU Strikers, Brandon Cunningham, also came before the Senate to request funds for the 19th annual “Spring Excursion” concert. The Strikers want three renowned choreographers, costumes, FAMU police officers and rent for the venue.

“We’re trying to give students an opportunity to see a free show,” Cunningham said.

At the final session of the fall semester, the Senate agreed that if money were allocated to the Strikers, the “Spring Excursion” concert would be free for students.

 Also, representatives of the Student Occupational Therapy Association informed the Senate their plan to request more than $7,000 of A&S funds in order to sponsor 10 members to attend its annual conference that will be held in Long Beach, Calif. this year.

The representatives said they rose close to $900 at the end of the fall semester after having only a $40 balance at the start of the semester. They also informed the senators that the adviser plans to pay for her flight and hotel to the annual event.

Executive Branch Chief Financial Officer Morris Hawkins announced he will be submitting a referendum for students that would like to have a new student union building constructed using the money from the recent tuition increase.

The referendum will be on the ballot during the spring elections that will take place in February.

Kyle Washington, 21, a junior public relations student from Tallahassee, informed the senators that the name of his organization has changed from the Dynamic Supremes to the Dynamic Diamonds because of FAMU feedback on the rights of the usage of “The Supremes” because the name was made by the popular 1960’s group led by Diana Ross.

“Everyone knows that diamonds are better than 14kt gold, ” Washington joked. “Also, it goes along with the idea that snakes have diamonds on their backs.

Also during the meeting, Deputy Chief of Staff Jillian Jones informed the senators about the open positions in SGA.

The open positions are secretary of state, deputy surgeon general, deputy secretary of community affairs, deputy secretary of academic affairs, senior senator and freshman senator. Applications for the vacant positions are due no later than 5 p.m. on Jan. 23. Jones also said there would be a volunteer meeting Thursday at 8 p.m. in the Perry-Paige Auditorium.

Sen. Joyia Smith informed both the senators and the chamber’s guests that the convocation saluting Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., scheduled for Thursday at 9:25 a.m., would not be mandatory.

“Attending a University that prides itself in being an HBCU, and the number one HBCU, I believe that it is ridiculous to not have the convocation mandatory… Other convocations are mandatory,” Smith said. “It’s a shame that we cannot celebrate our ancestors who paved the way for so many.”

Senate President Mellori Lumpkin agreed.

“If you don’t have class, it will be a great idea to go to it and commemorate Dr. King,” Lumpkin said.

Later on during the meeting, Sen. James Nero of the Student Relations Committee announced that the Coleman Library Showcase will be held Jan. 23 at 7 p.m. in Lee Hall. Tickets for this event are $3.