‘Third Eye’ sees power of fashion

Three Florida A&M University students have joined forces to take on the world of fashion by providing students with the socially conscious clothing line Third Eye Clothing.

“Third Eye Clothing’s objective is to offer people a way to express themselves while promoting creative thought,” said Adeleke Omitowoju, a 24-year-old business administration student and founder of Third Eye Clothing. “We want to offer people more than just thread and ink.”

Launched in the summer of 2007, the company has expanded from an idea into a fashion forward T-Shirt line. The Third Eye vision is not just local, but global, with an interactive Web site set to launch this year.

All the T-shirts display messages on them whether it is through graphics or phrases such as “music is air.”

“Third Eye is clothing for everyone, designs that fit all styles and that everyone can wear,” said Asia Hawkins, a 21-year-old senior psychology student from San Bernardino, Calif.

As director of promotion and sales, Hawkins began spreading the message that conforming to mainstream clothing companies is not the direction FAMU students should go.

Omitowoju, from Atlanta, said he would like to use T-shirts as an instrument for a greater message of positive thought.

“Positive thought harnesses the power of infinite possibilities in your own reality and turns dreams into physical manifestations,” Omitowoju said. “We want people to realize their true potential.”

Third Eye Clothing intends to create fashion that speaks to the current times in which we live.

With prices ranging from $20 to $30, T-shirts come in an array of colors and sizes for men and women.

“We wanted to create something that would compliment everyone,” Omitowoju said.

Third Eye Clothing is not limited to just fashion. The owners of the clothing line plan to release a poetry book with hopes to reach a wider consumer audience.

Jarred Morgan, 22, a fifth-year business administration student from Houston and chief financial officer of Third Eye, said he hopes the clothing line can be a positive contribution to the community.

“Third Eye would like to promote change in youth, raise social understanding and change the status quo,” Morgan said. “It’s not an impossibility. Change is inevitable; we can help guide it.”

The company is already expanding, with plans to include hoodies and hats. “We (Third Eye Clothing) want to see where the potential can lead us,” Omitowoju said.

“One of our main focuses is on social entrepreneurship. We don’t want to limit ourselv” he addes.

FAMU students can shop for Third Eye Clothing’s socially conscious fashions at http://www.3rdeyethreads.com.