Students need to be monetarily aware

It’s no secret that financial issues have been plaguing Florida A&M University. However, we are not the only HBCU suffering from these problems.

Because of a lack of enrollment, funding for certain services that previously came from student fees at Tennessee State University have been cut. The Meter, the University’s newspaper, only has enough money to print five issues as a result.

The publication has informed and entertained students and faculty for 58 years, but sadly they may be forced to find another way to keep up with current events.

With FAMU having a deficit in last year’s A&S fees, no admissions director, and no University registrar, this story hits to close to home.

We are at a crossroads where it may not be too late to fix these problems. Unlike TSU, we still have a University newspaper that can inform students about what’s going on.

If more students go to Senate meetings and ask questions about what their fees are being used for, we may be able to curb this issue before it spins out of control. Money is currently being used to build an educational gym instead of funding more housing.

More housing would lead to higher enrollment, and more A&S fees being paid.

However, students can’t continue to idly sit by and watch their money fall down the drain.

Christine Thomasos for the Editorial Board.