Shooting results in two arrests

Two juveniles were taken into custody on criminal charges stemming from an altercation involving gunfire, a group fight and a car crash at the McDonald’s restaurant located at 2800 South Monroe Street. Authorities from the Tallahassee Police Department said the incident occurred Jan. 12, at about 2 a.m.

Lt. Chris Summers of TPD said a verbal disturbance escalated into a fight. A man whose name has not been released fired rounds using a handgun.

Multiple high school students were involved in criminal acts, as recorded from eyewitnesses.

Felicia Perry, 21, a junior psychology student from West Palm Beach, said she witnessed the crime.

“The police pepper sprayed everyone involved and tasered a girl,” Perry said.

Summers said a female was tasered and arrested after she hit another juvenile with a broomstick that was obtained from staff at McDonalds.

“After the victim fell, the female attempted to hit the victim with the broomstick,” Summers said. “She was warned and further resisted arrest. She was then tased.”

The girl juvenile was arrested on charges of public affray and resisting arrest.

The gunfire was from a boy juvenile who was later taken into custody on charges of possession of a firearm and open exhibition of weapon.

Shayla Knighton-Black, 21, a junior biochemistry student from West Palm Beach, said she also witnessed the crime as she was ordering food from McDonald’s.

“I had a feeling something was going on,” Knighton-Black said. “But I thought if I ordered my food fast and left I would be OK.”

Knighton-Black said a fight broke loose inside of McDonald’s, and when the police came the store was closed and everyone was told to leave.

“After we left the McDonald’s, another fight happened outside,” Knighton-Black said. “I was sure someone was going to get a gun.”

Knighton-Black and Perry both said the restaurant was over crowded with local high school students the night of the incident.

“If I see too many people there, I won’t go,” Knighton-Black said. “They need to instill a curfew for high school students.”

No injuries were recorded and McDonald’s was unavailable for further comment.