Staff says bon voyage to professor, adviser

Admittedly, it was a rough go from the start. When Professor James Stephens took his position as adviser for The Famuan in fall 2006, he was met with the same scrutinizing eye that most anyone is greeted with when entering a newsroom. Not only was Stephens a new member of the staff, he was different. He boasted a different tone. A different philosophy. A different approach than anyone in the newsroom had been accustomed to.

But soon, the scrutinizing eye began to open, and the staff at the Famuan realized they were enjoying the leadership of a seasoned professional journalist with one goal in mind – to raise the school’s newspaper to new heights.

After three semesters of dedicated service, Stephens has decided to pursue other endeavors. While we support his journey, his presence will be missed.

Stephens served as one of our biggest advocates, teachers and supporters. Whether it was providing a scolding for falling grades or feeding us during the late work hours, Prof. Stephens’ concern for the staff was never doubted.

With a new semester underway and a new staff in place, we will employ the same fervor and enthusiasm to producing The Famuan that he encouraged. The truth is that this newspaper can survive without an adviser, but we thrive with a skillful one. Stephens was proof of that, and for that we are forever grateful.

Akeem Anderson for the Editorial Board.