New year brings tuition hike

Florida A&M University students entered the 2008 spring semester with total fees per credit hour increased 5 percent. The fee schedule dated December 14, 2007 was released and sent out through FAMMail to inform Rattlers of the change.

The Florida Board of Governors voted to increase the tuition rates before the FAMU Board of Trustees decided to vote. Each member had to vote for a resident and non-resident fee increase.

In comparison to the Fall 2007 tuition fee schedule, total resident fees per credit hour went from $101.55 to $105.23. The total non-resident tuition fees per credit hour increased from $498.94 to $503.22.

Student Body President Monique Gillum, 21, a senior political science student from Gainesville, said she was the only one to vote against the decision of the increase.

“I felt the majority of the student body wouldn’t want the increase,” Gillum said. “I did what any student in my position would with my decision.”

As the voice of the student body, Gillum said she is not sure how the increase is implemented in full detail but said need-based aid is one factor into the increase.

“It was going to happen; now it needs to go in the right direction,” Gillum said.

Gillum said in the future the general body needs to be aware of educational issues and take part in it to prevent future tuition increases.

The only increase reflected in the schedule sent by FAMU Chief Financial Officer & Vice President for Administrative and Financial Services Teresa Hardee stated that the fees associated with the Board of Governors mandated the tuition fee increase for the 2008 school year.

Tiquanza Martin, 26, a senior cardiopulmonary science student from Miami, said, “If they planned on increasing fees over the break, why wasn’t it publicized more with letters sent home to parents and on the Web site?”

Student Body Vice President James Bland, 22, a senior business administration student form Titusville, said, “The tuition increase is definitely unfortunate because most of the student body rely on financial aid, and for students who have to pay for school out of their pockets, I hope that the money will go towards improving the quality of the education for the students at FAMU.”

Bland said the FAMU Student Government Association would continue to do its part to help students who need financial assistance because of the tuition increase.