Senate holds final meeting

The 37th Senate held its final session of the fall term Monday. During the meeting, three bills were passed, a request for a constitutional amendment failed, a new sophomore senator was confirmed, and announcements were made.

Under bill SB07F-007, the Associated General Contractors of America were allocated the $2,950 it requested to fund the Benjamin Banneker Building’s annual Benjamin Banneker Day.

“The event is to make the building known and [for people to] learn about the building’s founding principles,” said Sen. Phylicia Ross, 20, a junior computer information student from Orlando. “Since many students never go to that side of campus.”

Benjamin Banneker Day will be held on Feb. 12, 2008 in the Benjamin Banneker Building Courtyard. No time has yet been issued.

Sen. Ross added that the event is open to all students and there will be food and entertainment.

The Senate also allocated $8,000 to the Mahogany Dance Theatre under bill SB07F-008.  The money was requested to help the organization pay for four professional choreographers to choreograph dances that will be performed at the “Spring Excursion” in April.

The “Spring Excursion” concert will include performances by both the Mahogany Dance Theatre and the FAMU Strikers. If the Strikers do not charge for tickets and request monies from the Senate and if the Senate allocates the money to the Strikers, the concert will be free to students.

“People pay to see us,” said Sen. Zakiya Hardemon, 20, a sophomore business administration student and Mahogany dancer from Hollywood. “So why not help us make the show free for students?”

Bill SB07F-009 was also passed during the 14th session of the Senate. Under the bill, $15,406.80 was allocated to the Academy of Student Pharmacists/Student National Pharmaceutical Association to fund their annual meeting.

This year, the meeting will be held from March 14-17, 2008, in San Diego, Calif. and 20 of the organization’s active members will be in attendance. But the group is encouraging more members of the organization to participate to support a member of the organization who is running for a national position. The position includes scholarship opportunities and would be an excellent representation of FAMU’s College of Pharmacy.

Also during the meeting, the Senate voted against the request of CA07F-002, a constitutional amendment in a 22-1 vote, with one abstain.

The amendment was proposed to amend Article XIII, Section 3, the Enrollment Tenure, of the Student Body Constitution. The revised version of the amendment wanted to help make transfer students eligible for positions in FAMU’s student government, such as student body president, or Mr. and Miss FAMU. The amendment requires a student to be a junior or senior that has been at the university for at least two full semesters.

Lastly, John Brown, 19, a sophomore political science student from Tampa, was confirmed as a sophomore senator in a 22-1 vote.

Sen. Ross announced that new applications for the 2008-2009 A&S Budget are now available. She also said that there is a little over $63,000 left in the account that can go toward spending for the upcoming spring semester.

Sen. James Nero of the Student Relations committee announced that the Senate would be on the Set for “Senate on the Set Day” this Friday at noon.

He added that the Coleman Library Showcase would he held on Jan. 23, 2008.