Natural beauty is the best option

Everyone’s definition of true beauty is different, but what is the reason for wearing fake hair, nails, eyebrows, and or eyelashes? I understand some females like to wear them for show and to enhance their natural beauty, while others just want to cover up what they dislike or lack, but is all that necessary? Natural beauty would seem like the simplest answer to me.

So, I ask, “What characterizes true beauty?”

Is it a female who takes care of herself by having with the freshest weave that goes down her back or is it the one wearing manicured acrylic nails and the long curved eyelashes that she glued on just right? Is it the female that drew eyebrows on her face so perfect that you almost can’t tell their they are fake?

Plan and simple, true beauty is displayed by the

Although,I think it’s I would say it is the female who manages and maintains the hair she is born with that characterizes true beauty. It’s The one that gets her nails manicured, but only gets acrylic for special occasions. True beauty is exemplified by the female who does wear makeup, but only wears makeup to enhance what she already has, such as brushing just enough mascara on her eyelashes to make them stand out.

And then I pose the question, “So does true beauty come from what ladies naturally have or can true beauty it be bought?”

I know it has to get expensive trying to maintain all of those additional enhancements. Females should not be blowing their money so often on things that they want, instead they should buy things that they need. Getting nails done all the time, wearing expensive makeup, and frequently paying frequently for hairstyles that they change constantly, is a bad habit.

It is understandable that females like to take care of themselves but let’s not over do it.

Instead of putting in so much time for what they do not have, females should appreciate the natural beauty they already have.

Constantly wearing acrylic nails causes your natural nails to become thin and brittle and wearing fake hair might damages to your nails and wearing fake hair causes breakage. I feel all of these fake accessories that are used to enhance a female’s natural features should only be done if truly necessary.

Some ladies get all of these things done just to impress guys but most guys are more attracted to females who have natural physical features, such as their hair. Many guys want to see a lady for what she truly is, and not what she is trying to cover not the female she is trying to be. Don’t get me wrong some guys don’t care, either way just as long as she is taking care of herself, but why not take care of what is already there?

Even though true beauty comes from within, in reality, it also comes from one’s appearance. 

People want to see the real you, so don’t fake it.

Kendra Anderson is a freshman magazine production student from Stafford, Va. She can be reached at