Leave the games behind

With many students coming toward the end of their undergraduate tenure, everywhere you turn people are talking about taking the Graduate Record Examination.

For those who are planning on extending their collegiate studies past undergraduate status, we suggest they go to the best school for their intended major – not the most enjoyable school or the one where they will fit in the most.

If you missed out on having fun as an undergraduate that’s your own fault. By the time your senior year ends, you should be an adult. Adults don’t go to school to have fun.

You should plan on attending the best graduate schools for your area of study. If you want to be an accountant, you should try attending the University of Texas-Austin, the best graduate school for accounting, according to USNews.com. Why not want get the best education available?

Many students think they should attend an HBCU for graduate school. It’s strange that some people will look at you sideways and claim you’re a traitor if you don’t want to go to an HBCU graduate school. There are black students, black faculty and black staff at most major schools that aren’t HBCUs, so how is one a traitor for deciding he or she isn’t going to continue their education at one?

Then there are people who think attending an HBCU for grad school is a stumbling block. They say attending a predominately black school doesn’t prepare you for the real world the world.

We think you should go to the best graduate school you can get into, HBCU or not.

Siraaj M. Sabree for the Editorial Board.