Fashion do’s and don’ts for graduation attire

In between the period of submitting graduation applications and approaching finals, there is still time that needs to be spent on deciding what to wear under that beloved graduation gown.

The gown has been a dress tradition for as long as can be remembered. So, do not defy this meaningful uniform with tacky attire. Remember this is a formal ceremony and is not the appropriate time to let your creative juices flow. According to, a gown service company, there are basic guidelines on what to wear underneath your graduation gown. “Most graduates wear dark clothes with light or white shirts or blouses,” the Web site states. Generally, men wear ties and women wear skirts not trousers. Jeans and t-shirts are definitely frowned upon.

A dark trouser and white collared shirt is a timeless look. Hard bottoms and a tie of corresponding color are also suggested. Air force ones or any other type of sneaker, shades and fitted caps can be reserved for the afterparty. If you are going for a more polished look, a polo, khakis and loafers can be an alternative. Don’t forget to wear a belt that matches your shoes.

The fashion editor of has five simple rules that are listed:

Step one – Consider what type of school you’re graduating from. A law school graduate might consider a suit, nice black dress or dressy casual separates. A high school graduate might dress up or take a walk on the wild side in a Hawaiian shirt and shorts.

Step two – Keep in mind the weather and the venue. Dress in lightweight clothes for an outdoor summer ceremony. Likewise, opt for sweaters and heavier pants for fall and winter ceremonies.

Step three – Wear comfortable shoes. Between standing, walking and spending time with well-wishers, you’ll be putting quite a bit of pressure on your feet.

Step four – Accent a mandatory outfit with a special pin or meaningful piece of jewelry.

Step five – Remember some bobby pins to keep your cap on throughout the ceremony!

So now we know what to look for, let’s make these guidelines fashionable! Ladies, underneath that pinned cap, a simple hairstyle such as a wrap or a low sophisticated ponytail will suffice; these hairstyles will also be easy to adjust upon removal of the cap.

A dress of less-restricting fabric that will flow and create movement may be the best choice. However, pairing a stocking and sweater or additional jacket with your outfit will prepare you for the change of temperature. Keep in mind appropriate patterns and colors for the season. But when in doubt wear black.

Lastly,, a health and beauty Web site for all of your beauty needs, describes how to apply makeup, effectively. Make-up is divided into two categories – for yourself or for others.

Always use the correct beauty tools and cosmetics of good quality. Avoid frosty shadows or glitter.

You owe yourself to look like a professional.

This is your day and attention should not be taken away from you due to inappropriately dressed family members. I’m sure the posterboards and home-made noise makers are embarrassment enough.