Recognize the warning signs

The body of a Jackson State University student who had been missing since Nov.13 was found decomposing in a wooded area in Jackson, Miss. Thursday.

The body of 20-year-old Latasha Norman, an accounting major who worked at the school paper and was described by her friends as a serious student, was found near some old tires, a faded blue tarpaulin and empty beer bottles, according to WAPT, a Jackson, Miss. ABC-affiliate.

WAPT said her ex-boyfriend who led authorities to her body has been charged with her murder.

This didn’t have to happen, especially since there were warning signs that preceded her disappearance.

Norman’s ex-boyfriend had been charged with domestic violence after he was accused of hitting her.

This was a clear sign that the ex-boyfriend was mentally unstable. There probably were telltale signs that indicated he was crazy prior to his violence.

We are not saying that Norman is at all responsible for her death. We are, however, stressing the point that it is important to be careful who you call your friends and decide to date.

From the time a guy or girl approaches you, if you notice any behavioral tendencies that signal that the individual is overly possessive or violent, cease your interaction with that person.

If you find yourself in an abusive relationship and do not know how to get out, seek aid from the proper authorities. You may even have to change your name or move, in addition to alerting the police. Whatever you have to do to stay away from crazy people, do it.

Siraaj Sabree for the Editorial Board.