Racist post went too far

“If you have hate in your heart let it out. White power!!” These were the words on a cardboard sign that someone placed against the school’s welcome sign that sits on the corner of Palmer and Adams Thursday.

Was this an act of hatred or a cruel prank? Do the intentions of the culprit even matter?

For whatever reason there is a lot of speculation throughout The Famuan regarding whether this act was indeed intended to be a prank or not.

There is nothing funny about aggravating the public. Nobody should get humor out of something that causes harm, unrest or chaos. Especially when the offender singles out parties, like Florida A&M University, whose entire existence and purpose is the betterment of society.

We do not think these types of acts are ever acceptable and whoever is responsible should be reprimanded properly. Sadly, not every FAMU student and employee believes this is a real issue.

Why you ask? Shortly after its placement FAMU maintenance removed the sign, possibly destroying the evidence and any clues that may have assisted in finding the culprit.

Should they have dismissed this act as they did? Obviously it didn’t bother those who insisted on its disposal. They didn’t inform law enforcement, so we have to assume that they didn’t think any law had being broken.

Gladly a student took it upon himself to alert the police. All that is known at this particular moment about the heinous act is that it was unnecessary.

Siraaj M. Sabree for the Editorial Board.