Campus police investigate alleged hate sign

Florida A&M University was astir as the campus community witnessed an alleged sign of hate.

“If you have hate in your heart let it out. White power!!” was the message students and faculty read on a cardboard sign taped onto the bricks of the FAMU entrance on the corner of Adams and Palmer Street.

After FAMU maintenance officials removed the sign, FAMU Police Department and student representatives took action.

“Although we weren’t informed about it right away, we will go and investigate it right now,” said Angela Kirkland, a FAMU PD officer.

For Student Body President Monique Gillum, the act came as a shock.

“I hope that it wasn’t one of our students. It’s not a funny joke, especially for the sake of seeing how we react,” said Gillum, a 21-year-old senior political science student from Gainesville.

She said students “should rest assure that the FAMU Police Department will do its part.”

The sign’s content led some to believe that it was an act of racism.

“Whether it was an African American student or a white student who put that sign up, it goes to show you how society views racism as a whole on African Americans,” said SGA Chief Justice Magalie Yacinthe, a 21-year-old senior business administration student from Miami.

For others, the alleged act of racism was merely a cry out for attention.

“I am not going to march or protest because that’s what whoever did it wants,” said Student Coalition for Justice President Phillip Agnew, 22. “We shouldn’t let them get the rise that they want from it.”

Agnew, a senior business administration student from Chicago, said that he is skeptical to find out whom “would take the time out of their day to do something like that and what was the purpose.”

“I think the sign is offensive. I think the phrase ‘White power’ is to strike fear. People who are intolerant feel threatened,” said FAMU Spokesperson Sharon Saunders. “I encourage anyone who has knowledge to contact the FAMU Police Department.”

Gillum said she would formally inform the student body about the issue soon.

“I want to find more information about it. At the town hall meeting, I will announce what went on.”

Although, the issue has its many views, Gillum remains optimistic.

“There are too many great things at FAMU for this to happen.”