The evolution of women

What makes an individual a whore?

There has always been an unjust double standard when it comes to men, women, and sexuality.

I am aware that we live in a male-dominated society. The very principles on which this country was founded, are the ideals and beliefs of the male specie, so it is no surprise that this double standard has existed for so long.

Spawning from a time when women were seen as nothing more than sexual objects and possessions; centuries later, you might have figured that as a culture we would have evolved. Yet it seems as though, not much has changed.

Yes it is true that women have become more sexually liberated, especially with the dawn of the “independent woman.” However, this recent development has left a bitter impression on the mind of society, which has mislabeled these sexually expressive women. A woman in touch with her sexuality, who enjoys engaging in a non-monogamous sexual relationship is ridiculed and often called names such as “whore” or “slut.” Now, that wouldn’t be so horrible if the same ridicule was applied to a man.

Here is where the problem lies: A man who equally enjoys sex in a non-monogamous environment, similar to that of a woman, is praised for his actions, being labeled a “ladies man” or a “pimp.”

I find that extremely hypocritical.

A whore is a very derogatory term, and according to, a whore “accepts payment in exchange for sexual relations.” So how is it that I could love sex without receiving money of any kind, and still be considered a whore?

The reason is simple. A woman is a whore, simply because a ‘man’ said so. Society has placed a “scarlet letter,” so-to-speak, on a woman un-aligning herself with the stereotypical characteristics that have been placed on women since the beginning of time.

If she is not submissive, introverted, weak or fragile, she is seen as a threat and is ostracized by society. This was even evident as early as the 1920s when the Flappers, liberated women who wore their hair short and skirts even shorter, were criticized for their overt change in the roles of women. They were seen as being defiant because they refused to conform to society’s norms and according to, indulged in “masculine” activities such as drinking, partying, dancing and yes you’ve guessed it, sex.

I find it incredibly humorous that sex is only thought of as “masculine.” Hello! Need it be reminded that it takes two to engage in sexual intercourse? When has sex only become a one-man show? Sex is supposed to be shared between two people.

Women love sex just as much as men do, but get shunned for doing so. If I openly admit I love sex, does that make me a whore?

No. It makes me human, and in need of some good loving.

Crystal Judkins is a junior magazine production student from Alexandria, Va. She can be reached at