Beowulf: epical and gory fun for everyone

Beowulf is fighting for a top spot at the box office this holiday season, bringing an old action-packed epic to life with 3-D animation. The movie manages to appeal to the young, old, men, and women in the audience by teaching a powerful lesson about the price of riches and the power of a woman.

“Behind every powerful man is a great woman,” is a popular saying that reigns supreme in this movie. Younger audiences might be distracted by sword swinging antics and the realism offered by the 3-D animation, but those who aren’t restricted by parental ratings can’t help but notice that the most powerful character in the movie isn’t its fearless hero.

Beowulf, the movie’s hero, shows his strength by slaying monsters with his bare hands without any clothes on. However, his weakness presents itself when beautiful women emerge.

Angelina Jolie’s character, a cunning demon, proves this to be true when she tests Beowulf’s morals by offering him fame and riches for the price of a detestable act. Like the many men before him, the demon manages to overcome Beowulf’s physical strength, with her mental prowess.

The audience is taken for a ride when they see the price that must be paid for lies and unjust gain.

Much like the countless epics preceding Beowulf, the film tells the story with the help of blood, gore, and incredible action sequences that males of all ages will enjoy. They can drag their female counterparts along for a good debate about how Beowulf’s toughest opponent was a female. However, everyone may not enjoy the movie.

Christian audiences may be disturbed by the references of Jesus Christ and the images of burning crosses. Heavy sexual references and images are also included in the movie, at times making it hard to believe that the film is only rated PG-13.

Certain scenes with scantily clad women and sexual innuendos that didn’t even make an attempt to seem hidden in the film may raise a few eyebrows in the audience.

At times the movie merits a rolling of the eyes when Beowulf feels the need to randomly tell everybody his name proudly shouting, “I AM BEOWULF!” Scenes like the one where he decided to fight a monster twice his size without any weapons after stripping off his clothes are also questionable.

Nevertheless, a young audience can enjoy watching yet another action packed big screen animation. Men can release some testosterone after watching Beowulf and his soldiers fight, drink, and go after new women. Women in the audience can feel empowered after watching their gender’s ability to take control of the men in the movie.

Beowulf is a movie that both genders will enjoy, and it is an adventure that may leave you thinking long after the credits roll and the hero utters his last “I AM BEOWULF!”