Seniors prepare for life off the field

The FAMU 2007 Football Season may be over for former Head Coach Rubin Carter and Athletic Director Nelson Townsend, but certainly not for the seniors of the team.

These seniors have made it to the end, or rather the beginning of the rest of their life. The question now is what’s next? There are many opportunities for them such as graduate school, entering the Arena, International or Canadian Football Leagues.

Ultimately, most athletes’ goal is to reach the high level of the National Football League.

Seniors Dannel Shepard, Ernest Williams and Leon Camel all have high hopes for their futures.

These players plan to attend combine in the spring, and remain optimistic to make it the next level.

“I want a chance to prove myself,” said senior linebacker Dannel Shepard, a business administration student from Cincinnati, Ohio.

Shepard is looking forward to graduate in April 2008.

Senior quarterback Leon Camel, who anticipates graduating in December 2008, has time to consider their future goals.

As for senior defensive back Ernest Williams, he will be partaking in the 2007 fall graduation ceremony on December 14.

“I just want to see if I can take it to next level,” said Williams, a criminal justice student from Tallahassee.

Though these players have visions of higher places in athletics, they are aware of the many challenges they may face in trying to advance to the next level.

Being conscious of possible paths, they do have back-up plans.

“I always keep myself ready, but I still keep my head in the books,” Shepard said.

Camel has a view that has kept him in tune with reality throughout his college career.

“I did what I can do but it’s time to move to another avenue,” Camel said as he explains how he never puts all his eggs in one basket.

Camel realizes the downfalls that can occur in the world of athletics.

“I want to get my barber and mortician license and later attend graduate school for Education Leadership,” said Camel, a business education student from Belle Glade. “Nothing last forever.”

Camel said he has plans move to Chicago and attend graduate school and potentially enter the workforce.

As for Williams and his fast approaching graduation, his first priority seems to be the pro-tryouts. “There is an All-American League I’m interested in,” Williams said. “I do plan to attend graduate school, possibly, but if not I want to work in [the] juvenile system when I begin working.”

To these senior players, their journey is not over. And they leave the remaining players words of wisdom as to how they became successful in their college career.

“Enjoy your time in college and stay positive,” Camel said.

Shepard agrees with Camel.

“Give your all, because when your time is up, you don’t want to have any regrets,” Shepard said.

William stresses the importance of an education and hard work on and off the field.

“Continue to work hard, stay on track and get your degree,” Williams said. “Nobody can take that away from you.”