GodTube.com puts religion a click away

When it comes to finding a spiritual connection, the road to salvation may be just a click away.

One of America’s fastest growing websites, GodTube. com has electronically redefined how Christians can spread the word. The site allows users to watch and post videos, and send and receive messages.

The new religious network, modeled after the famed website YouTube.com, has found a home for Christians to “Broadcast Him.”

Local and statewide churches have found it to be a useful tool that has made an immediate impact.

“The impact on us right now is it gives us the ability to reach the world even in the most specific places,” said Clayton Colson, a media director at the Christian Heritage Church. Colson added that Christian Heritage has received feedback on GodTube. com from places reaching as far away as Wyoming and Peru.

“It empowers people to send a message out whether it be our message, whether it be a funny one, or a spiritual thing,” said Colson. “GodTube is where churches don’t mind going because they’re not going to get vulgarities.”

The Web site screens all the content before it adds the material to the web page. Joyce Meiser, a video editor at Christian Heritage Church, said that it has allowed her to add the material to the Web site.

“We could reach beyond Tallahassee, beyond our local region,” said Meiser. “They (people on-line) can see physically what we do here.” She added the feedback users send is encouraging.

That spiritual encouragement is pushing the church to take their ministries to the next level.

“We’re trying to find partnerships that are national or international, to help someone in need,” said Colson.

The impact of the Web site is felt among students on campuses in Tallahassee.

“My dad actually has some things posted on there, so I was curious to see what had actually been uploaded,” said Deneige Broom, a senior communication student at Florida State University. “I think it’s a great idea and a great tool.”

She added anything that can keep the church up to speed with today’s technology and the younger generations is a good idea.

That bright idea may be the reason her father found this Web site to be a good venue for spiritual growth.

“GodTube can help us reach people who can’t see our broadcast,” said Pastor Duane Broom at Everlasting Covenant Christian Center. “[It’s] a valuable tool for the kingdom of God.”

He added that the difference between YouTube.com and GodTube.com is that YouTube allows for raunchy videos to be posted.

“GodTube is Christian centered, and a great venue for any ministry,” said Pastor Broom, “I don’t have to worry about my boys getting on and looking at obscene(videos).”

While the Web site has strengthened the bond between Christians, it has also attracted non-religious patrons as well.

“It’s a link that I’m not afraid to send to family,” Meiser said.