Collaborations contribute to heated novel

New York Times best selling author of “Afterburn,” Zane spices it up with her latest collection of deliciously flavored, page-turning fiction, “Caramel Flava.”

“Caramel Flava” is filled with steamy, sensual short stories based on black and Latino characters who indulge in sexual rendezvous. “Caramel Flava” is a fiery collection that only Zane could present.

Having multiple authors contributing, who are already familiar to fans of erotica, such as Tracee A. Hanna, Michelle De Leon, William Fredrick Cooper, Teresa Lamai, Naleighna Kai and Zane herself gave an extra spice to the book. Also, rising writers like Nikki Sinclair, Susan Diplacido, and Curtis L. Alcutt made tasteful contributions to “Caramel Flava” as well.

In Zane’s contribution, one of the short stories, “What Tomorrow Holds”, a young woman heads to Cancun, Mexico, after a recent break up with her long-time boyfriend. In contrast to wasting her time moping over her ex, she decides to let go of her inhibitions and live out all of her sexual desires and fantasies, on a daily basis. After all, what happens in Cancun stays in Cancun.

Caramel Flava is an immediate page-turner, with juicy dialogue that could make the average reader squeal. One of the most cleanest lines in one of the short stories is “I have taken you more than hostage, Boo, you are going to be my sex slave,” said Kibryia from the short story, “The Masquerade Party,” a contribution from Tracee A. Hanna. Kibryia was partaking in mutual affections with the main character, Tiara, a single, lovely, caramel-complexioned Venezuelan American.

Like many of the other hot erotic tales told in “Caramel Flava,” the short story, “The Masquerade Party,” was vivid and gave great detail.

“Caramel Flava” is a sizzling anthology with some of the most arousing passages you will ever read. Zane, the queen of erotica, definitely never ceases to amaze her eaders. “Caramel Flava” is unquestionably a must have.