Battle set to take over

As the Florida A&M football Rattlers prepare for the upcoming Florida Classic, they consider all aspects of the game.

The Rattlers realized that some changes must be made on the field in attempt to bring home that win against Bethune Cookman University.

Head Football Coach, Rubin Carter explains that with football, everything is not certain.

“In unpredicted circumstances those are adjustments you have to make within a football career, so nothing is guaranteed,” Carter said.

Freshman quarterback Eddie Battle has stepped up to the plate since senior quarterback Albert Chester left the team because of his continuous injuries.

Battle explained that he hates that his third string position got moved up in that particular circumstance but he was willing to take on the responsibility by assisting starting quarterback, senior Leon Campbell.

“Campbell and Chester both have collegiate level experience, and I have gained mental knowledge by watching them from the previous games,” Battle said.

With one of the biggest classics coming up, Battle said that he plans to play his best for the senior players.

“I’m strongly considering my teammates Hayward, Edwards, Campbell, because I know this will be their last time wearing that uniform in Orlando,” Battle said.

Coach Carter has high confidence in Battle, although he is younger. He explained that his recruitment was non-questionable; he felt that Battle was an excellent player.

“Battle is a student of the game, well- respected by teammates, and can execute offense like it should be,” Carter said.

From the past two games, Carter’s confidence instilled in Battle was represented on the field.

Battle received rookie of the year, and also recorded 259 passing yards on a 15-of-24 attempts with two touchdowns to bring the Rattlers another homecoming win.

“Although I’m one of the youngest on the field, I have to show leadership and lead by example, by giving the team confidence,” Battle said.

Battle explained his technique of keeping the offensive team confident was that he took credit for all the mistakes, so that the team can stay motivated.

However, if he does make a mistake he tries hard not to hang his head low.

Anthony Collins, offensive-lineman, who also has a minor energy, called Turf Toe, is prepared for the upcoming game against Bethune Cookman.

He said he is sure that his teammates will play their best with the good new energy with in the offense.

“You can look into Battle’s eyes and see that he wants to make things happen,” Collins said.

Battle’s playing time has extended tremendously on the field because of his performance, but he is always open to receive advice from the starting quarterback, Campbell who treats this Florida Classic as a Super Bowl game.

“I told Battle, just don’t over think what you already know, and you should be okay,” Campbell said.

Since this is Campbell’s last year on the Rattler football team, Battle said he is well prepared for the next season in hopes to bring on a much better record.

“This learning experience is great for me,” said Battle. “Taking snaps made me more confident for the next year.”