Stop degrading FAMU

On November 10, the St. Petersburg Times reported that Florida A&M University’s former law professor Dale Rubin made negative comments about the University on his Web blog.

“I have never had a more traumatic and disheartening experience,” said Rubin, about working for the University.

Rubin was a visiting law professor during the 2004-2005 school year. Due to problems with the law school faculty, late paychecks, and administration, Rubin decided to leave the University and take his frustrations out on us.

We thought that professors were supposed to promote the success of students, not their individual problems. It is sad that instead of becoming a part of the solution to issues within the University, Rubin chose to contribute to the problem.

We look to our professors as professionals to guide us into the real world, but sometimes we must look to our own ethics and morals for guidance.

College students leave high school with the knowledge that gossiping is childish, and only creates more problems. We understand some professors may have learned this a long time ago; they need a refresher course.

Fortunately, FAMU students have gained a thick skin philosophy throughout their University’s hard times. We refuse to listen to the critics, and we continue to excel.

This is what makes us the best. Instead of stooping to people’s levels and responding negatively, we let our GPA’s and diplomas do the talking.

Christine Thomasos for the Editorial Board.