It is not about the race

The whole concept of one “acting a race” is absurd.

It shows the ignorance not only in society, but within an individual’s mind.

I’m sure that most are familiar with “acting black” or “acting white.” These terms are usually coined when describing those who “mimic” another race.

Let’s discuss the issue of “acting black.” In most instances, a white person is said to be doing so if he/she listens to rap or imitates, idealizes and glorifies being “ghetto.”

If you agree then you also agree that all black people are ignorant, ghetto and uneducated. This stereotypical view of black people is not only erroneous, but a product of what we view on TV.

Some people apotheosize what they view and hear in the media and live by it. I don’t feel as though one is “acting black,” but rather mirroring the stereotypes embedded in the minds of the ignorant. This is not the case for all.

Some people are the way they are, simply because of their surroundings.

Have you ever taken a trip somewhere and stayed for a long period of time, a place where people spoke, behaved and dressed differently from you? What happened when you left? Did you notice your accent had slightly changed? That happened because you were adapting to your environment, not because you felt a need to change.

Now let us tackle the idea of “acting white” – a concept I am very familiar with.

This term is used mostly when a black person speaks with correctly, does well in school, and is opposite from anything involving that “ghetto” environment in which blacks are stereotypically associated.

In high school people said I was “acting white” because I always did well in my classes.

Since when has being highly educated only been a privilege for white people?

According to, blacks have been conditioned to feel inferior. We have been taught to associate black with bad, and white with good. “White” is defined as morally pure; innocent, while “black” is defined as without any moral quality or goodness; evil.

So it seems as though the term “acting white” is spawned from the ignorance of those who affirm both the blatant and subliminal manifestation of racism.

This whole theory of acting a certain race baffles me.

Have you ever noticed that only the blacks and whites are used in this situation? You never hear someone say, “Girl, Bobby is acting so Hispanic,” or “Keisha thinks she is so Asian.”

You know why that is? Because it’s stupid!

Bottomline, we need to look past race and focus on the heart of the individual.

Crystal Judkins is a junior magazine production student from Alexandria, Va. She can be reached at