Youth brings play to FAMU theater

Youth from the Irene C. Edmonds Youth Theatre will be hosting a play at the Charles Winter Wood Theatre on the campus of Florida A&M University this weekend.

The Edmonds Youth Theatre is a non- profit group for young people housed on the campus of FAMU. It helps to motivate the intellectual, emotional, creative and artistic qualities in each youth who participates in this group.

Kimberly Kay, who has taught at FAMU for nine years within the Theatre department, wrote the play. It was directed by Monica Woods and presented by the Director of Irene C. Edmonds Youth, Valencia E. Matthews. Concerning issues with children and health inspired Kay to write this play such as child obesity.

The story line of the play centers on a cocky, selfish television producer, Nola, who makes life miserable for the cast and crew of a television show, Still The Same Me. Each vignette of the play gives the audience an age group to relate to such as “Story Time” and “Pre-teens on self esteem.” The play, Still the Same Me, includes children aged 6-16.

Not only does the play offer lifetime tips for children, it also addresses both the physical and emotional concerns because of health issues that are addresses throughout the play.

“This play is a way to help children live a happy and healthier life,” Kay said.

Brittany Walker, 18, a freshman general studies student from Delary Beach said the play teaches children about educational issues and prepares them for upper level education at an early age.

“It’s different a different type of art for them,” Walker said.

For Arsadia Walker, 20, the play serves as a diversion to children’s everyday negative distractions.

“Children in our society need other hobbies and activities like acting and theatre experiences,” said Arsadia Walker, a pre-elementary education student from Delray Beach. “Most of all it helps children at a young age to speak in front of a large audience.”

Still The Same Me will be performed Thursday, Nov. 8 and Friday, Nov. 9 at 10 A.M. in the Charles Winter Wood Theatre located on the first floor of Tucker Hall.

The admission for the weekday performances is $7 Adult, $5 Students/Children. The last performance will be held Saturday, Nov. 10 at 2PM. Admission to this performance is $10 Adult, $ 7 Seniors, $5 Students, and $5 FAMU Students. For more information call 850.561.2425.