Support means no freebies

Having a no-nonsense attitude has become a common thread among Florida A&M University students.

FAMU students do not accept wrong whether it comes from the school’s administration, the local government, or any other body. When we felt Floyd’s Nightclub discriminated against us we boycotted the business.

Discrimination is wrong, but it is something you have to expect when you go to other people’s businesses.

FAMU students may not have to worry so much about nightclubs discriminating against them because Club Rayn, located in the Lake Ella Plaza, is co-owned by a FAMU student. This does not mean go there and expect that because Club Rayn’s co-owner is your schoolmate you will get in free or get discounts on drinks. He is in the business of making money just like any other club owner, not loosing money because of hook-ups.

Expecting special service is a problem that some students have when they know someone who is in a position to do so.

If you did not know someone working at Red Lobster you should not go there and expect a free lobster tail. Why is it that we do not have an issue giving our money to strangers but a problem with giving our money to those we know?

Those who are active in the Tallahassee nightlife should direct their dollars towards businesses that are owned by people like you.

If you would rather give strangers your money, you should not be surprised if they decide to discriminate against you.

Siraaj M. Sabree for the Editorial Board.