Reruns OK, life will go on

It seems as if America believes that because of the recent strike by Hollywood’s film writers and TV writers, there will be no more fresh episodes of some our favorite TV shows.

According to CNN, many people will be forced to seeing reruns of their favorite television program because of the strike held by the Writers Guild of America.

The strike began on Nov. 5 after negotiations for their income increase were not met.

They want a raise in income because of the amount of available shows they’ve written being distributed on the Internet.

The industry-wide strike by movie and TV writers is the first time they have done so since 1988, according to The New York Times.

The strike affects hundreds of writers and the families they support because they are not getting paid what they deserve, but they have a right to refuse to work until their demands are met.

This strike should not affect student’s daily schedules to the point that they do not know what to do with themselves because they will not be able to watch their favorite late night talk show or drama series.

If it does impact students’ lives in such a way, then there is a problem. Students have been relying on TV entirely too much.

Not being able to watch your favorite soap opera every weekday may not be such a bad thing.

Students should take more time studying for class and less time worrying about if their favorite show will air tonight.

Gennine Myers for the Editorial Board.