More money needed for college

As a college student, almost everything is expensive from your books to room and board.

I know that as an out-of-state student that unless you have residency within the state in which you attend college, you will see debt for at least the next 10 years.

Traveling from the west coast to the east or traveling about in the Midwest, students are taking an expensive risk believing although it will cost you, it’s worth it in the end.

It was the right choice to come to Florida A&M University, but it has also been a very expensive choice and I’m demanding a change. As a student from the lovely city of New York, it would be nice if FAMU would give students a little discount.

I’m thinking a scholarship, and not just because I’ve traveled so far to be here, but because of the grades I and so many carry that are respectful and quite impressive.

Think about it.

In big cities like New York, most people never heard of schools like FAMU; I know I certainly did not. At least not until I started looking at colleges in the ninth grade and FAMU was just one of many on a Web site that listed all the historically black colleges and universities.

I’m glad I found that Web site and took a serious look, otherwise I wouldn’t be here at FAMU getting the higher education that so many parents want for their children.

Out-of-state students tell others back home what a great school FAMU is.

We help spread the word about FAMU, so a scholarship or two to help with the cost of paying for school should be given to each of us.

If you are reading this and wondering how it could possibly be done to finance this grand idea, how about cutting back on the scholarships that you give to your in-state students and spreading the love to us out-of-state students.

Yes, we have the out-of-state waivers that are a great help but it still doesn’t do enough for many of us to not have to worry about whether or not we’ll be here for the next term or come back the next year.

The waivers reduce some of the cost but nothing that could be considered a large amount of help because when you add the costs of classes, plus room and board, traveling expenses and so on, it really adds up.

It soon becomes a real financial burden causing many to ask the question if they should return to FAMU or just stay at home and attend school there.

The thought of attending school back home is just more than slightly depressing.

I like where I am and I would hate to leave but if I had no other choice and had to go home, I know I would forever be sadden by not finishing my education here.

Camille Daniels is a sophomore general studies student from Jamaica, NY. She can be reached at