Racist agenda is not an option

Some people are anticipating next year’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day for a particularly upsetting reason.

The Nationalist Movement, a Mississippi-based white supremacist group, will hold Jena Justice Day in Jena, La., on MLK Day. The day will feature a two-mile parade, speeches, ceremonies and petitions as a centerpiece to abolish MLK Day, according to The Nationalist Movement’s Website. Also stated on http://nationalist.org, Jena Justice Day, which is sub-titled “No to Jena 6, No to King,” will also petition for abolition of the Civil Rights Bill.

The Nationalist Movement is nothing more than a white supremacist group that gets a kick out of causing ruckus while claiming to protect the rights and livelihood of “true Americans.” They believe blacks, Hispanics and every other non-white American are not “true Americans.” As such they believe that, MLK Day should not be celebrated and the Jena 6, who they oppose, should be thrown in jail, according to information from their Web site. These people need a life, a purposeful life; they live in a cesspool of hate every day.

It’s sad to see how ridiculous some people are in America. Take a second and log onto www.nationalist.org to check it out for yourself. As soon as the page loads animosity jumps off the computer screen at you.

To non-racist viewers of the Web site, Nationalist Movement supporters seem like a bunch of racists who ride in big, dirty Ford trucks through country roads looking for people who do not look like themselves to harass, but they aren’t as ignorant as people perceive them to be. I rummaged around the site looking for that dreadful “N-word” but I couldn’t find it. All I found were carefully selected suggestive words. Words that made it evident I wasn’t wanted in this country. So I must admit there is some intelligence intertwined in their asinine beliefs, but they are absurd nonetheless.

For some crazy reason they are under the impression that they cannot be stopped. How illogical is that? It’s not possible to stop something that is idle.

Richard Barrett and The Nationalist Movement that he leads aren’t causing change, only headaches. Listening to their conversation is like listening to the TV snow.

Their opposition against MLK Day isn’t anything new. According to the organizations’ Web site, Barrett said, at the Majority Rights’ Freedom Day Rally in Cumming, Ga., on Jan. 20, 1990, “on the day when kingism is buried forever, there shall truly be ‘One Nation, Indivisible.’ “

Martin Luther King Jr. wanted freedom and justice for every American. He believed every American should be treated equally, so on MLK Day we all should remember exactly that. Ignore the Nationalist Movement just like you would ignore anybody else who isn’t talking about anything.

MLK once said this: “Like an unchecked cancer, hate corrodes the personality and eats away its vital unity. Hate destroys a man’s sense of values and his objectivity. It causes him to describe the beautiful as ugly and the ugly as beautiful, and to confuse the true with the false, and the false with the true.”

The Nationalist Movement is bemused, they think they’re making moves but they are not. Jena Justice Day is not a real day; do not treat it as such.

Siraaj Sabree is a senior newspaper journalism student from Miami. He can be reached at famuanopinions@hotmail.com.