Keep the spending down

The Florida Classic and Thanksgiving are right around the corner.

Many students will be hitting the road to participate in the two affairs. This means that a lot of money will go towards travel expenses during the last two and a half weeks of November.

The average price for gasoline in Tallahassee was $3.07 per gallon Tuesday. U.S. gas prices are rising along with airfare. It is becoming an almost unbearable financial burden to travel. Students need to be smart when traveling so that the least amount of money is spent.

Try carpooling.

More than likely someone you know is going to Orlando for the Florida Classic and might also be passing by your Thanksgiving destination.

You have to make sacrifices to save money. Sure, you may not have your vehicle during the vacation but you will save a good deal of money.

If you’re an introvert or not well liked, you can still hitch a ride. Places like puts you in contact with other people seeking to carpool. Perhaps this isn’t the safest way to save money but it works.

You may have to prioritize. Do you have to visit family members this Thanksgiving, in addition to going to the Florida Classic?

We are not advocating missing classes, but is it feasible or worth your time coming back to Tallahassee for three days in between the two events?

You are allowed three unexcused absences in each class, so technically if you haven’t depleted those allowable absences you may want to take advantage. Just a thought.

Siraaj Sabree for the Editorial Board.