Week of festivities hard on the pocketbook

Homecoming is way too expensive.

Between the homecoming concert, the Greek step show and the clubs, some students may have to sell their textbooks so that they can get the full homecoming experience. In extreme cases, some may have to go as far as taking their children to the pawn shop.

To make matters worse, if you were nonchalant about getting free tickets that were issued out for homecoming week events, that’s another bill you will have to pay for. You might as well stay home or wait for the let-out, because if you can’t scrape together 1,000 pennies then you certainly won’t be laughing at any jokes in Gaither Gym.

No one wants to be that dummy at home during homecoming week.

To have a good homecoming, you’re going to spend more than $100; that’s $21 for the Greek step show; $26 for a student ticket to the concert; and $60 for club expenses.

Where is a financially struggling student supposed to get that type of money from?

My parents only send money when… wait a minute they don’t send me any money. But I digress.

I never understood how anyone who wasn’t an aspiring doctor or lawyer could accumulate more than $30,000 in student loans. But then again when you factor in four years or more on frivolous spending on entertainment during college, like homecoming, it’s probably not that hard.

As you get older, you realize that every homecoming is just the same. The hype of going to parties your freshman year homecoming makes you lose a lot of money. When you end up at these parties, you are surrounded by the same musty people from parties that you’ve gone to the rest of the semester. They act like they had to save money from buying deodorant for homecoming week expenses.

The homecoming game is the same every year. The students just come for the band and not the football team. When halftime is over, everyone leaves to get ready for the club.

And why should people stay for the entire football game? The food and drinks are not affordable. If students stay for the entire game they will leave hungry, thirsty and possibly frustrated because the football team has lost.

They have a homecoming flea market not only on the Set, but also next to the gym. These people want to charge you an “arm and a leg” for an item you can pick up from any thrift store in town. Some of those supposedly handcrafted items that they sell, you can make yourself. A Jamaican beaded necklace shouldn’t cost $20.

And the Florida Classic is around the corner, so it will cause students to be in more debt than before. Most people won’t even have enough money to pay their rent or buy groceries after going out during homecoming. Also, students will be skipping work just to attend the homecoming events so this will leave a lot of students unemployed.

My advice for saving money during homecoming week is to not pay for anything and sneak into every event.

Latasha Edwards is a junior public relations student from Houston. She can be reached at famuanopinions@hotmail.com.