Summer’s Fall Fashion Wrap-Up

Prepare to get in style with this year’s fall fashion. This season will be filled with tons of must-haves. Learn to transition all your looks, from the jean cut–to the haircut.

Discover New Denim

Get wasted with empire waist pants, skirts and shorts. The No.1 must have item of the season is high-waist denim. The empire cut jean reveals the figure and enhances the curves. Look forward to various styles of pants, shorts and skirts with the empire waist cut. The high waist pant looks great accompanied with a basic cotton shirt and a stiletto heel.

Alyia Roberson, 21, a junior political science student from Miami said her favorite look for fall is the high waist jean.

“I’ve been all over the Internet trying to find a pair of those jeans,” Roberson said.

Wider is better. Wide leg pants are perfect for a less casual look. Wide leg jeans look great with a sexy top and a nice pump. Slims the waist and accentuates the curves.

Chantal Coutain, 20, a sales associate of New York & Company, said their top selling item this season is the wide leg pant.

“The majority of the customers are requesting the wide leg pants in different colors,” Coutain said.

Color Your World

Be bold with vivid solids. Cobalt blues, mustards, and deep purples will add spice to the overall look. Add a hint of bold color to any traditional outfit to give the look of high fashion.

Liquid metal anyone? Striking metallic will make a strong comeback this season. Hints of metallic green, fuchsia and silver will create a unique look. Dare to be different, but be cautious of metallic overload. Don’t use too many metallic items in one look.

Color me grey. Shades of grey are no longer boring. Expect shades of grey to play a major role in this year’s fall fashion. Experiment with a short grey sweater dress instead of the traditional black.

Add Some Curve Appeal

Sexy sweater dresses are great for after hours. This season’s sweater dresses cling to the figure revealing all curves. A basic sweater dress paired with the right accessories and shoes will give a classy, yet sophisticated look.

The brighter the better. Sexy sequence tops and dresses reminiscent of the 70’s are popular this season. When wearing sequined clothing, it is important that accessories are kept to a minimum.

Complete Your Look

Accessorize. A hot new accessory this fall is big jeweled rings. Try replacing a couple of bangles with one large complementing ring. Another look for fall is colored and textured tights. Pair the tights with a sexy sweater dress for a unique look.

Go natural. Acrylic nails are out; natural trim nails are in. Popular nail polish shades of the season are black, dark brown and red.

New season, new look. Chinese bangs are back. Try trimming the ends of the hair and wearing it bone straight. This hairstyle gives an overall different appearance.

Melissa McCleary, 20, a junior pharmacy student from Atlanta, said she cut her bang for a new look but the summer weather didn’t permit her to wear it.

“It was too hot to wear my bang, it made me sweat,” McCleary said.

McCleary explained that when the weather changed she began to wear it more often.