Persistence yields results

The Student Coalition for Justice just might be on the right track. The movement to secure fairness in the American judicial system could have been reduced to a solitary enthusiastic march followed by a return to everyday life. Instead, this group of college students has devoted not only time, but also courage into making sure the movement maintains its relevance and momentum.

On October 12, the coalition gathered students and stormed the capitol in protest of the Martin Lee Anderson verdict. Armed with disdain and signs calling for justice, the group took radical action, action that many expected to end that very day. Instead, the community saw the coalition challenge the state legislators, blitz local media and organize future marches to champion their cause.

During the civil rights movement a sustained revolutionary effort was required to institute change.

In our current state, protest is typically one-day events that effect little or no change because the movement is stifled by tapered enthusiasm and glamorization. It has always been easy to rally behind leaders like Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton when they called for collective outrage from all blacks.

But what happens when they leave town and its time to continue the mission? Too often is the call unrequited. But thanks to the Student Coalition for Justice, the Tallahassee community may not suffer the same disappointing fate.

If the students of FAMU, TCC, and FSU maintain this fervor for righteousness they will be effective and hopefully fulfill the mission.

Akeem Anderson for the Editorial Board.