Law enforcement can take a break

Florida A&M University’s homecoming is and will always be the big thing on the block in Tallahassee. During FAMU’s homecoming Tallahassee is loaded with a lot of black people who bring a lot of business to the city.

It also appears that every police officer in Tallahassee is on duty throughout homecoming week.

I wonder why?

Why is it when a lot of black people get together, the police feel like they need to come and look over us as if we are wild animals out of control. Yet when Florida State University has its homecoming, FSU students act up, if not worse, but you hardly see police officers patrolling them the way they patrol us.

I think every black person should get offended and feel insulted when they see a lot police officers sitting back waiting to arrest them.

Let us not talk about how the police officers are dressed during the homecoming football game.

One would think they are going to go fight a war; police officers are dressed in uniforms that consists of a bulletproof vest, black combat boots, and a clear helmet that covers their face.

When they are dressed in such a manner I assume they already think a lot of black people are lacking home training and are going to start fighting. There probably will be a dispute, but there are also disputes that break out at FSU’S homecoming, but they do not have tons of police officers watching over their every move.

Sometimes I wonder if the police ever get tired of hovering over black people every time 15 or more of us get together in public.

It is not necessary for the police to watch over us during homecoming week.

I do understand that there is a need for police officers around in case of a real emergency and for security purposes. On the other hand, I do not like to feel like I am walking into a prison yard when I go out to celebrate homecoming.

These types of actions should be a wake up call to black people.

Having so many police officers around during our homecoming only shows what a lot of people think about black people as a race. They think we are uncivilized and need to be monitored whenever we congregate.

Everyone beware, the authorities may be out to get you this week. Take care of yourself.

Ashley Bates is a broadcast journalism student from Pensacola. She can be reached at ashlovescandy