Celebrities: regular people too

The fires continue to blaze, thousands of people are forced to evacuate their homes and the death toll continues to rise in Southern California. However, the media’s focus is in the wrong place. We turn to CNN, MSNBC and Fox News and see that the homes of celebrities receive special coverage and attention.

Come on!

Out of 265,000 evacuees, only a handful of them are celebrities. So why are the homes of Barbara Streisand and David Geffen given the spotlight? You would think that celebrities receive more than enough camera time from weekly-produced paparazzi photos and TV tabloids.

In this situation, a natural disaster, celebrities shouldn’t receive any more coverage than Mary Sue or Joe Blow, who represent all the people affected by the wildfires.

Celebrities are average people too. They are clearly not invincible to natural disasters.

So, why highlight their tragedies? All they have to do is fly to their other multi-million dollar homes in Miami or The Hamptons.

Let’s zero-in on what the real focus should be – the thousands hurting from losing their homes, the lives that have been lost and the most importantly, how to stop this from continuing.

Hopefully FEMA can fix the problem before it gets any worse. Let’s watch how this plays out.

Nyerere Davidson for the Editorial Board.