Race, status should not matter

An overwhelming number of people have been forced to flee their homes in Southern California. Many of them do not know if they will ever return to the place they once called home.

It is a terrible reality that some citizens of California are subjected to such conditions, but we feel it is no different than the natural disasters that occur in other states. Oklahoma and Kansas will always have its tornadoes and Florida will always have its hurricanes.

Those families are lucky because they received plenty of warnings in order to spare their lives and the lives of their families. Other victims of natural disasters, such as the victims of Hurricane Katrina, did not receive the same courtesy.

They were not given the same treatment because of their race and social status.

It is no secret that in America being rich, and any other race but black, buys one countless privileges.

Before Hurricane Katrina struck, the people of New Orleans were hungry, the education system was awful and many other things were wrong.

The homes in California are very luxurious and the homes in Louisiana were not nearly as nice.

Regardless of how much the homes may have cost, they were still homes. So why were the luxurious homes in California protected more than the homes in Louisiana.

We feel for the victims in both situations, but the government sees them differently. The government should not be biased with how fast and effective aid can be. Regardless of race or social status, all Americans should be given the same courtesies.

Georgia Dawkins for the Editorial Board.