Pita Pit is good to go

It’s the middle of the night, and the hours of studying you’ve done has worked up an appetite. You could go for your average choice of burgers, tacos, or pizza or you can indulge in a fresh hot pita or gyro. And here’s the kicker, you can eat on anytime you want, 24 hours a day. With its recent opening the Pita Pit has been drawing a large crowd, night and day.

Joe McCloud a third-year Florida State student and manager of Pita Pit, said the Chicken Crave, a pita with a combination of chicken, ham, and cheese, is a popular choice among college students.

McCloud said the restaurant has Greek dishes but is really geared toward being a health-food restaurant. Located on the already fast food-populated strip of Tennessee Street, the Pita Pit is faced with different types of competition.

“Our biggest competition would probably be Subway because it’s right across the street from us, Jimmy Johns, and La Pitaria,” McCloud said. “Our busiest times are lunch, dinner, and late night. That’s between 1a.m and 2a.m.”

The late-night crowd flock to the Pita pit especially because they have a bar with pool tables, and TVs.

The bar’s new hours will be between 6p.m and 2a.m.

“A lot of students come and have some food then hang out at the bar,” McCloud said.

The Pita Pit advertises their menu as an alternative to unhealthy fast food. They offer low-carb breads and a selection of veggie toppings.

Can’t make the drive? Pita Pit will bring their “Ameri-Greek” cuisine to you. They deliver and you can place your order online.

“I go at least twice a week, it’s convenient and healthy, I usually order the Chicken Crave,” said Chris Ibarra, a Tallahassee Community College finance and real estate student from Tallahassee. The Pita Pit’s motto is “more bread, less filling.”

“It’s a great alternative to burgers,” said Jason Tucker, 25, from Tallahassee. “Everything tastes fresh, not all greasy and pre-made.”

The Pita Pit is located at 1935 W. Tennessee Street next to the Waffle House. Contact them at (850) 224-7800 or place your order online at www.pitapitusa.com.