All about smooth soul in the city

The musical group Runaway Soul consisting of four Florida A&M graduates, will be hosting their first concert called “Soul in the City”, at the Beta Bar from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. today.

The band consists of five members who are working diligently to make “Soul in the City” history in the making.

The band includes lead guitarist, keyboard and harmonica player from St. Petersburg, Jaron “J” Lawson; a percussion and flute player from Atlanta, Baba Olusegun; a drummer and bass guitarist also from St. Petersburg, Sean “T-Wixx” Howard, Chris Warren and a lead vocalist by the name of Kevin James. The band also has a background solo artist, Kendra Foster.

Runaway Soul has documented all of their activities leading up to this monumental concert. The band has hired Therman Brown to shoot a documentary of every aspect, including their daily lives, of the concert.

“The purpose of this concert is to build awareness of the band,” said Kevin James, 23, a FAMU graduate from Mount Vernon.

Runaway Soul has committed themselves to play not only hip hop, but also R&B, soul, salsa and a wide variety of other styles of music.

James said that “Soul in the City” is the first event that will allow people to connect with different types of music.

“We have put all of ourselves into this event. There is a very spiritual quality and connection in band members to create this type of music,” James said.

Soul in the City will also have many exciting venues for students to enjoy. “Students should expect to dance like they have never danced before, to fully be entertained and to expect to be in a movie,” James said.

Diamond Kalu, 19, a sophomore library science student from Ellenton, Fla., said that the concert would enrich a multitude of people and supply them with a new outlook on music.

“I think this concert will enlighten the minds of our youth,” Kalu said. “I am really looking forward to joining in the festivities.”

In addition to enjoying the musical stylings of the band, students will also be entertained by comedian host Cerrome, poetry from Black on Black, an array of dance performances and featured performances by vocalists D-Wyte and Nielah Black.

Chris Warren, a FAMU graduate from St. Petersburg, said Runaway Soul is striving to set the bar for others to display their talents.

“We plan on hitting our audience from all angles of the arts,” Warren said. “This will be the first concert/movie featuring cultural African-American music.”

To become a part of this musical phenomenon, students are encouraged to purchase an advance ticket. Tickets are on sale at Arman Ras, Ujama, and CD Warehouse for $12 each. If students choose to come with a group of 10 people or more, tickets will only be sold for $10 each. Also, students can check out a preview of the band’s music at

“Soul in the city will be one of the greatest musical events in the last five years and is something that will have to be experience,” James said.