Bikers: Stay in your lane

Bicyclists deserve respect, as long as they are not in the middle of the road.

Florida law states that a person in control of a vehicle on a street is a drive. It also states that a cyclist has all of the rights to the roadway applicable to any driver, except as to the special regulations for bicycles.

That’s a ridiculous law. It doesn’t even require bicyclists to have driver’s licenses. The law gives bicyclists a false sense of invincibility. Last time I checked, my car weighed at least 1,000 pounds more than any bike.

Bicyclists aren’t required to take a driver’s education class but they get all the perks of motorists. That’s silly, no wonder they are a menace. Anyone with legs can lawfully hop on a Huffy and wreak havoc on any roadway they so please.

Bicyclists’ rights are not right at all; the law is a flawed, and it needs revision.

Laws aren’t immune from error; manmade laws are susceptible to error.

Prior to 1954 U.S. law allowed whites to reject blacks from attending school with them. That law was eradicated after those who it discriminated against brought awareness that the law was unjust.

OK.Autoists have to share the road with cyclists. That’s a law.

Cyclists frequently put themselves in danger by riding in the street. That’s a fact.

The Florida Bicycle Association states most crashes in traffic are caused by avoidable errors. It also states that in 70 percent of police-reported bicycle-motor vehicle crashes, the cyclists involved had violated traffic rules.

Human nature tells us that killing another non-threatening human being is inhumane. This goodness is what keeps many cyclists alive and many motorists like myself annoyed.

Motorists are forced to drive 10 miles per hour in 35 miles per hour zones because of some individual who is bent on doing his or her part in cutting down on emissions by riding on an 18-speed.

Why must I be held up because of somebody who is under a pretense that he or she can ride in the middle of a one-lane road? Holding up the progress of a nation because you can’t afford a car or don’t care to drive one is wrong.

Prior to 1885, before the first gasoline-powered automobile was created, people did this neat thing that required kinetic energy called walking. It eliminates bicyclists’ deaths due to risk-taking cyclists and stingy motorists.

When there is a bike lane, life is delightful for all.

The law needs to require bicyclists be licensed and force them to sidewalks and crosswalks.

Siraaj Sabree is a senior newspaper journalism student from Miami. He can be reached at