Tuition increase imminent in 2008

In a Florida A&M University Board of Trustees meeting over the phone, members voted on a tuition increase that will take place in January 2008. Out of the 13 trustees, nine were present on the call and eight of the nine members voted for the five percent increase in tuition.

The only trustee that voted against the increase was Monique Gillum, student body president.

“The board of governors had already approved the 5-percent increase and were just waiting on the board of trustees to approve it,” Gillum said since 90 percent of the students are on need-based aid she suggested an increase in need-based aid to balance the increase in tuition.

Senate President Mellori Lumpkin said all monies to be allocated must be approved by the board of trustees, in an effort to align with President James Ammons’ new era of transparency and accountability for the university. But trustees are not set to meet again until December.

After talking with Theresa Hardy, chief financial officer from the budget office, Gillum said they found a way to get money out immediately.

Gillum said the money will be taken out of other accounts in SGA.

“We will take it out of the spring money and in December we’ll bring it forth to the board to get the money from the Carry Ford account put back into the other accounts,” Gillum said. “We’re working on it and should have funds ready very soon within the next week.”