Quitting, a precursor to failure

In recent months there has been a lot of quitting at Florida A&M University.

Most notably former interim President Castell Byrant cut her tenure short this summer. Even here at the Famuan, some decided that they were not cut out for this line of extracurricular activity.

More recently, FAMU starting quarterback Albert Chester threw in the towel. And a few days ago, FAMU wide receiver Derek Williams decided he would part ways with the struggling football team.

What is going on at FAMU that is forcing so many to call it quits?

Is it something in the autumn air that is influencing the weak-minded to give way?

Quitting is not cool, but it is okay under extreme circumstances. When football is detrimental to your health and your success in the classroom then, it deserves to be eliminated from your life. But when you just aren’t happy at the progress of your football team or the school you lead or the newspaper you agreed to contribute to, you get no props for giving up.

The nine black students that were denied access to Little Rock Central High School 40 years ago didn’t give up. What would have happened in the Civil War had the Buffalo Soldiers given up?

You will never succeed at anything if you always fold under pressure.

Quitters don’t deserve respect.

Will there be a FAMU in 2009 if President James Ammons decides he wants to walk away from his commitment to FAMU tomorrow?

Giving up may seem like the correct course of action but more than likely you will regret it in hindsight.

Siraaj Sabree for the Editorial Board.