Parenting is not for everyone

It’s becoming more common to read about neonaticide, which is the killing of a newborn within 24 hours of birth, and infanticide.

Recently, the body of an 11 month-old girl was found in the attic of her home after being reported missing.

According to USA Today, police said the infant’s mother told investigators that she found her daughter, Harmony, dead in her crib several weeks ago.

The infant’s father had just returned from his deployment to Iraq when daughter, Harmony, was reported missing. Many readers have made the accusation that the mother, Johni Michelle Heuser, is associated with her infant’s death and feel nothing but sympathy for the father, Ronald Earl Creech II, who had never been in the same room with his now deceased daughter.

As readers, we could argue the fact that Heuser was a single mother enduring the stress of raising a newborn while her companion was away fighting a war in Iraq.

Readers could also blame the war; if Creech wasn’t in Iraq fighting a war organized by President Bush, more than likely his wife would have more help and less stress.

Either way, any reason given is only an excuse for the actions of a murderer.

In 2006, Shandrell Banks, 29, mother of three was charged with murdering her two-year-old daughter.

According to, Banks was suffering from depression and was not properly caring for her children.

We feel that the families of these mothers should have protected these children.

We feel that the court needs to stop justifying these crimes with pleas of insanity and postpartum.

These pleas are nothing but an excuse for the actions of a selfish individual that were never fit for parenting.

Brittany McCrary for the Editorial Board.