Brain bowl tests students’ wits

The 2007-08 Honda Campus All-Star Challenge hosted its 18th annual tournament on the campus of Florida A&M University on Saturday Oct. 20.

The competition is a brain bowl, where students on teams answer a range of questions from math to history.

The school-wide tournament was open to all students and took place in the New Pharmacy Building from 9 a.m.-3 p.m.

“This event is the 1st of three tournaments that occur all year,” said Janelle Jennings, a FAMU graduate, and the tournament coordinator. “It’s an opportunity for the organization to find players for the national competing team. We were expecting 16 teams, but an amazing 18 showed up with extras in attendance.”

Teams that consisted of no more than four players competed through semifinal, quarterfinal and final rounds of intense questioning and trivia. The judging panel consisted of two to three moderators.

“The judges ask a wide-range of questions on a number of topics,” said Chuck Hobbs, tournament moderator and previous participant. “The successful player must be well read.”

The winning team from the challenge is ensured a spot with eight other top qualifiers, advancing themselves to the regional tour, according to Jennings.

The strongest four players out of 12 compete in the regional challenge. The regional tour takes place Feb. 2, 2008 on FAMU’s campus, along with 15 other schools, including Bethune-Cookman University, Alabama State University and Fort Valley State University.

Winners from the regional tour proceed to nationals, which will take place in Orlando, in March of 2008.

“FAMU has more wins than any other school out of 18 years,” Jennings said. “Winning the national championship six times, puts Morehouse College next in line with four wins. Since 1991 FAMU has received over $400,000. The money earned has served as scholarships in order for students to attend service activities, deliver speeches and various debates.”

Numerous teams displayed their cognitive abilities. “The Workout Crew” won the competition. Members consisted of Jonathan Gonzalez, Amir Adams, Rodney Adair and Team Captain Daniel Sharrett.

“It was a great tournament and I am glad that everyone could come out,” said Adair, 22, a fifth-year business administration from Chicago.