So, where’s the beef?

There has been an increase of students at Florida A&M University who have chosen to cut beef out of their diets. This decision was made after learning the processing procedures and health risks concerning beef.

Nadia Laing, 19, a junior psychology student from Winter Park said she was traumatized by the discovery of how beef is developed after watching a graphic documentary. The documentary made her never want to eat beef again.

“When I was in the seventh grade, my teachers showed an expose about how animals are butchered for meat products,” Laing said. “It was very graphic, and seeing how the animals were tortured and brutalized made me not want to eat meat.”

Knowledge of the mutilation of animals can cause some students to stray away from meat altogether. Students on campus are also concerned with the health issues caused by consuming beef.

Felicia Perry, 21, a psychology student from West Palm Beach, said that she is one of the students affected by these health issues.

“My teacher was talking about mad cow disease and it made me cut back on eating beef,” said Perry. “I don’t eat as much beef as I used to.”

Some students, however, find it hard to abandon beef.

Camarie Bentley, 18, a freshman health care management student from Fort Lauderdale, said she loves beef and would not consider adjusting her beef intake.

“I’m not going to stop eating beef,” Bentley said. “Beef has protein and nutrients that a body needs, and it tastes delicious. Other people can eat what ever they want to eat, but I’m sticking with beef.”

A lot of students are choosing to continue their consumption of beef, but they are offering support to their peers who have decided to eat less beef.

“My friends are considerate at dinner gatherings by not mixing beef with food. They cook beef separately,” Laing said. “When they eat beef it doesn’t bother me and I don’t get upset because I know that is the way that they eat.”

Many students are considering lowering their amount of beef consumption, but before they do, Laing said they should research it.

“Students that are considering eating less beef should read about the effects that beef cause,” Laing said. “They should do some research and learn why they don’t want to eat beef, and then set a goal and stick to it.”