Society accepting of ill-doings

It is a subject that is on everyone’s minds. Whether they are young or old, black or white, Martin Lee Anderson is on the minds of many. There are so many wrongs that I must write.

In speaking to Attorney Ben Crump, it was evident the verdict of not guilty left him very “disappointed” in the justice system. This system has let murderers go free.

This ordeal shows where we are as a society. In 1955 Emmet Till was beaten to death for whistling at a white girl. His murderers also went free. Now fifty-two years later Martin Lee Anderson is killed and there is a video that proves it. So what has changed? Society has gone from blatant racism to institutional racism. Society hasn’t evolved at all, we have merely pushed some things under the rug.

Crump also made a comment that other people have made. How is it that Vick can kill a dog and be fined, persecuted, arrested and lose his whole life before he even goes to trial, and a little boy dies, under questionable circumstances, with no repercussions?

Gina Anderson said the defense lawyers applauded and touched fists when the verdict was read. They celebrated and had complete disregard for the fact that she would never see her son again. Crump mentioned that as a lawyer, whether you win or lose, you must respect the other family. Gina Anderson also said that she was “called out of her name” many times by the family of the boot camp guards.

The Jena Six, people hanging nooses all over; what is happening? Now others will think it is okay to victimize blacks. And be confident that they can get away with it. God bless America! Shari D. Loftley for the editorial board. Racism still exists today toward blacks especially in the courtroom. The Jena 6 case and the results of the Martin Lee Anderson trial support the notion.

Mychal Bell, one of the accused Jena 6 teenagers was sentenced to 18 months in a juvenile facility for a probation violation after a judge ruled that it was Bell’s second time violating probation after a previous conviction.

Bell originally was serving time in an adult jail for beating a white classmate but his conviction was overturned.

For a juvenile to serve 18 months on a violation of battery charges is pretty harsh.

Looks like the State of Louisiana is going to get that time out of Bell regardless of whether as a juvenile or adult.

In the Martin Lee Anderson trial all eight defendants were acquitted in the murder of the teen despite video evidence showing excessive force was used on Anderson resulting in his demise.

Both cases had all white juries.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, only 10 percent of Bay County’s population is and Jena, La., is 12 percent black. But blacks are not being assigned to jury duty because the majority of us are not voting and a person must be a registered voter to be on a jury.

When blacks are selected for jury duty they are always the first to be dismissed especially in a racially-charged case.

Protesting the verdict of the Anderson case is a start but much more is needed to turn things around.

We must vote and stand up for ourselves to make a change.

Shari D. Loftley for the Editorial Board.