Safeguard your own life

Violence continues to be a concern for students in Tallahassee. Another incident occurred Tuesday when two people were robbed at home, in the middle of the day, on Belle Vue Way and Jackson Bluff Road. A couple of miles away from Florida A&M and right up the street from Florida State.

According to police the victims were found bound in the house. One suspect was apprehended and another was still on the run. The suspect who got away carjacked a neighbor to make his getaway from police.

Last Thursday an alleged kidnapping was reported just outside of Coleman library as the suspect allegedly pulled a gun on the victim.

The safety of students, on and off campus, needs to be addressed especially with the increase of crimes involving guns.

Parents send their children to Tallahassee to go to school, not to fall victims of robbery, kidnapping and assaults.

Instead of worrying about breaking up parties, maybe the police can actually start arresting people who commit these violent acts and come up with some sort of plan to ensure student safety.

Law enforcement needs to step in and come up with a solution to ensure student safety. That is their job isn’t it? To serve and protect?

Noone is 100 percent safe from crime but measures must be takenwhether it comes from the police or the students themselves.

When walking at night students should walk in groups, and students should always keep their doors locked.

Keep police phone numbers handy just in case of an emergency.

These are just a couple of pointers to stay safe.

Ray Jenifer for the Editorial Board.