Being a good man is not so hard

Every other week I hear the same old sob stories from men complaining that women don’t want good men, and as a woman, I must say this statement is far from the truth.

This article is to the man that feels as if he cannot win as “Mr. Right,” and for the women who choose them.

Just because you feel that you are a good man does not mean that you are the good man that is right for that particular woman. Every woman has her own view of what a good man is.

I hear plenty of men say, “ya’ll women want men that will knock ya’ll upside the head!” Correction, women don’t want men that will beat them until they turn blue. Women just want men that aren’t weak, men that will tell us no when we need to hear it. We want men that will tell us that we are wrong when we really are, and men that can do all this but still give us the respect that we deserve.

There’s a difference between the man that is truly a good man and the man that is playing the role of one.

The man just playing the role, is only an actor, which means the character that he is playing is not real. So in essence, when given enough time, women will eventually see right though the pretense. Receiving all the material things is great for the moment, but all the “I love yous” are even better when you mean it.

Honestly, women need sensitivity, consideration and respect. We need an assertive man that can look past our physical appearance and see that we have intelligence, but sometimes women look for these qualities in the wrong places. When this happens, women come to the false conclusion that all men are dogs.

Ladies, give the good men credit, because half of the time the majority of women have no clue about what they really want from the opposite sex. We usually mix up our needs with our wants.

According to, women do not understood that many men will make a good husband if she knew what to look for, instead of searching for the stereotypical qualities on her list of desirable men.

The Web site goes on to say that some women believe in society’s definition of what a man is, thus she looks for that man. She believes that he is the hunk, the bad boy, the jock, or the successful man. So, she ignores the obvious ones such as: the nerd, the simple, the bright, the thinker, the anti-social, and the quite men.

When making the attempt to find a “good man” or being a good man, it is important for individuals to know that it is about knowing yourself.

If you know that you are a good man, then you know that you don’t need any woman to make you happy. The same applies to women.

We are so focused on trying to find the man that will fulfill our needs and will make us happy that we fail to realize “whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing” (proverbs 18:22).

So stop looking, and understand that the stereotypical qualities are not always satisfying to our needs.

Men, on the other hand, if you feel that she is worth the wait then put your ego to the side and stop complaining.

Remember, “Mr. Right” always wins in the end.

Brittany McCrary is a sophomore magazine production student from Kansas City, Mo. She can be reached at