Sex can wait; later will be greater

I am about to touch on an issue that too many of us tend to avoid, sex.

I believe that waiting until marriage before having sex is realistic.

Today’s music videos and advertisements suggest otherwise, but there are still individuals out there who believe in the value of their bodies.

By no means am I insinuating that those of you who have had or are having sex are devaluing your bodies.

However, why take the risk of contracting a deadly disease or becoming pregnant too soon?

According to an advertisement in Essence magazine’s latest issue, 1 in 3 blacks are infected with genital herpes without even knowing.

You would think that startling facts like these would influence many to stop having sex or at least never start until marriage. If you ask me, sex is overrated.

No doubt, it may be satisfying for many but waiting for that special and only man or woman is far more gratifying.

Lindsay S. Marsh is leading a revolutionary movement of young adults who are committed to waiting until marriage to have sex. She is promoting her “Worth the Wait” campaign as maintaining sexual purity with contemporary style and urban class. Marsh’s book, “The Best Sex of My Life: A guide to Purity,” which you can view at, is a book that she wrote as a stepping-stone to her mission.

Believe me, I can relate to the temptations and the influences of premarital sex conveyed by peers, music and even today’s television shows.

As Herbert Spencer said, “it’s the survival of the fittest.” Those who have the will and heart to want to do and be a better person will prevail. We have to stand for something so that we are able to be living examples for the younger generation.

We have the honor of being examples for our own age group as well.

I would just like to applaud all of you who are waiting for marriage before having sex.

For the rest of you, I challenge you to redefine your sexual abstinence, celebrate yourselves and everything that you stand for because we all are worth the wait.

Priscilla Blow is a Magazine Production student from Jacksonville. She can be reached at