One-day protest insufficient

Students from Florida A&M, Florida State and Tallahassee Community College marched to the Capitol because the Bay County Sheriff’s Office Juvenile Boot Camp employees were found not guilty of the aggravated manslaughter of Martin Lee Anderson Friday.

The verdict shocked many people.

We do not understand how the defendants could get off free from a prison sentence when the incident that took placed was broadcast on national TV.

The verdict shows how racist the world is. No matter how much we try to change this world from being biased and corrupt it seems it will never change.

It has been about 40 years since the Civil Rights Movement started, and there are still racial conflicts occurring. In the past people protested and marched for months against racial injustices, but today people only protest for a day.

How many days did people march for the Martin Lee Anderson trial and the Jena 6?

As many students stood in protest of the Martin Lee Anderson trial verdict, we began to wonder if the protest would affect any changes in the sentence of the people involved in Anderson’s death.

The truth is that protesting won’t change the verdict.

It’s a new generation. It seems as if the only time people come together is when the terrible acts happen.

If people were really angry then the protesting and marching would still be going on today.

Latasha Edwards for the Editorial Board.