ESPN heads career fair

Florida A&M University’s School of Journalism and Graphic Communication will hold its annual career fair on Wednesday, Oct. 17.

More than 100 students will meet with various recruiters that will be in attendance. Recruiters will provide 20-minute interviews to students that will hopefully result in a future job or internship opportunity.

There will be different recruiters for each of the sequences offered in SJGC, including various newspapers, television stations and public relations firms.

This year’s career fair is different from last year’s because ESPN will have a corporate recruitment day prior to the career fair for more intimate interviews.

Yanela Gordon, director of internship placement for SJGC, is responsible for putting together this year’s career fair. From this experience she said she not only hopes students receive jobs and internships, she hopes they also receive networking opportunities.

“The career fair will provide opportunities for students to begin networking,” Gordon said. “There is no other time in a student’s life that a recruiter will come to them.”

Students seem to be anxiously waiting for the career fair, preparing their newspaper clips, resume tapes and portfolios for the event.

Brent Hatchett, 20, a junior broadcast journalism student from Detroit has already prepared himself for his upcoming interviews.

“I went to see Professor Gordon to edit my resume and cover letter [and I] purchased a suit and tie to make myself [look] presentable.”

That’s not all he’s done to appear more marketable. Hatchett has also gained a generous amount of media experience by working at WCTV-Tallahassee among others.

Though an internship is not promised, students still have an optimistic view on the outcome of their interviews.

Hatchett said he plans to use this experience for networking.

“I want to get my name and face out there [and] mainly gain contacts,” Hatchett said. “If I get an internship I do, if I don’t I don’t. I want to learn how to further set myself apart from other students.”

As a result of attending the career in previous years, students like Anthony Anamelechi, 21, have been able to receive internships. The senior newspaper journalism student from Washington, D.C. said he received an internship at the Lakeland Ledger in Polk County last year.

Anamelechi said his overall experience at the Ledger was a success. “[My internship was] surprisingly really good,” Anamelechi said. “I didn’t think I would like Polk County but it was a really cool atmosphere.”

This year Anamelechi said he plans to attend the career fair with higher expectations.

“I am looking for a job because I am graduating in the spring, but an internship would be fine,” Anamelechi said.

Director of FAMU’s SJGC, Dorothy Bland, said she is looking forward to the upcoming event.

“Professor Gordon has done a great job organizing the event,” Bland said. “I am excited about the career fair.”

For those who are still interested in signing up for the career fair, it’s not too late. There are still spots available. For more information contact Yanela Gordon, director of internship placement via e-mail at or at 412-5395.