Black men unjustly pegged

In today’s society black males are negatively stereotyped.

It is shameful how the media purposely portrays black males in such a negative light. And it is even more shameful how some black people believe every negative thing the media says about black males.

Some people eat up those negative portrayals about black males as if it were ice cream.

I understand that there are some weirdoes in the world, but over all, if people sat back and observed a lot of black males, they will see that a lot of them are kind, friendly, smart and nonviolent.

What I am recognizing is the more African one looks, the more stereotyped one becomes. Black males with locks or braids are badly stereotyped; and Lord, do not let them have gold teeth in their mouth.

People get very scared when they see black males coming. People start locking doors and cutting off lights as if some type of monster is lurking around.

I have never believed the trash that the media and people say about black males.

The reason is because I am surrounded by a lot of kindhearted black males.

It is normally my black male friends who uplift me and encourage me to be strong when I feel like giving up, listen to me when I need a shoulder to lean on, and look out for me to make sure that I am safe when walking home at night.

They get up and attend church with me and pay for my food when we hang out just because they think that is what real friends and gentlemen do.

My black male friends patiently help me understand my schoolwork and encourage me to be the best I can be.

I do not understand why people believe the negative notions about black males, especially when many of them have black sons, brothers, cousins, and uncles.

I do not understand why some black women believe that strong black women intimidate most black men. There are some who are intimidated, but real black men are not intimidated by strong black women. If anything they are attracted to strong black women.

Why would they not be?

All a black woman’s strength does is remind them of women in their family.

These stereotypes need to be thrown out the window because they are lies.

Most black males are harmless and are tired of people marginalizing them.

Get rid of the stereotypes and pay attention to your surroundings and you will soon the media’s portrayal of issues is not always true.

Ashley Bates is a sophomore broadcast journalism student from Pensacola. She can be reached at