FAMU alumna, a ‘survivor’

The highly rated television show “Survivor: China” features a Florida A&M alumna, and she has hopes of walking away from the show as a champion with $1,000,000.

Sherea Lloyd, 26, a fourth-grade teacher from Atlanta as well as the only black female on “Survivor,” said she is preparing herself each day for the hard tasks involved in the show.

“I have always been a fan of ‘Survivor,’ and I love reality television,” Lloyd said. “I am preparing myself mentally more than physically.”

Lloyd did not actually try out for “Survivor: China.” A friend, who was also a FAMU alumnus, knew a casting person looking for black women. The friend suggested Lloyd. After sending a videotape to the casting directors, Lloyd was asked to be a part of “Survivor: China.”

Before filming began, Lloyd said, “I am excited to be on the show, but I am not sure what to expect.”

Millions tuned in to see the first episode of “Survivor: China” and got the opportunity to see Lloyd experience the trials and hardships of rural China. Lloyd, a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., arrived to the first destination in a pink dress and stilettos.

After visiting the Mi Tuo Temple in the Huangpu Mountains for a Buddhist ceremony, the 16 new Survivors were instructed to leave all their worldly possessions behind. That pink dress and stilettos were all Lloyd would have to survive the jungle.

Lloyd didn’t leave everything she prized away; she kept her enthusiasm.

On the first episode she taught her tribe, Zhan Hu’s tribe, hip-hop dance routines such as the “Soujah Boy.”

Lloyd said teaching dances to her fellow cast members would help her connect with them and stay in the game. Lloyd said her social skills, ability to connect with people and strength would take her all the way to the end. She mentioned one other motivating factor as well.

“The one thing that I feel is going to keep me focused is my mother who is a breast cancer survivor,” Lloyd said in her casting tape. “Just her mental and physical toughness and what I’ve seen her go through is going to give me strength.”

Some students said they hope Lloyd’s personality and the strength she gets from her mother help her win the “Survivor” series.

Sylvia Prevalus, 20, a sophomore mathematics education student from West Palm Beach, said she hopes Lloyd makes something out of herself if she wins. She said she hopes she does not just become a reality show personality and forget about her past.

“If she wins, I hope she gives back to the community,” Prevalus said. “I hope she gives back to FAMU.”

While Prevalus hopes Lloyd gives back to FAMU, other students believe that her presence on “Survivor” shows how powerful FAMU is becoming.

Valetine Villamamor, 18, a freshman pre-pharmacy candidate from Miami, said Lloyd is a representation of the students on FAMU campus and how hard they work in life.

“It shows our Rattler spirit,” Villamor said. “We don’t stop biting. Just like she didn’t quit FAMU in graduating, she is not going to quit until she wins.”

Lloyd is still in the running to become the “Survivor” champion. To see Lloyd on “Survivor: China,” tune in to CBS Thursdays at 8 p.m.

Nikkia Ganey contributed to this article as well.